How to install-uninstall Qt 5.3 on openSuse 13


Installing Qt on Windows and OS X is quite simple. Download, run, click next few times. On Linux it’s not that simple, and like with most software installations on Linux it requires few steps more that are not so obvious. One option is to download entire Qt source packages and compile/install it by yourself, which many Linux users prefer. Source is available as Git repository or as tarball archive. Either way you get the same thing. I’ve already wrote about how to compile Qt and Qt projects

In this post I’ll list simple steps how to install Qt 5.3 from .run installer. I did it on openSuse 13.1 because it’s mine peered distro but same goes for Ubuntu or any other distro supporting .run packages.

Step 1: 

Download installation package form

Step 2:

Give the downloaded .run package execute permissions. Open the Terminal, navigate to your .run package and type in following command:

chmod +x

You can give full path to your package or navigate to folder where it’s downloaded and execute from there. Name of the file can vary based on version you downloaded form the Qt web site. At this point you are ready to start installation.


Step 3:

Start the installation package by simply clicking on your .run package or execute following command form the Terminal:


This window should pop up.


Step 4:

Follow the installer visual workflow. Select the installation path.

Qt 5.3.1 Setup_Install_path

Then select the components you wish to install.

Qt 5.3.1 Setup_components

Choose license and accept.

Qt 5.3.1 Setup_lincense

Qt 5.3.1 Setupprogress

And you are ready to go.

Qt 5.3.1 Setup_Launch_Ready


Qt Creator_010

Uninstalling Qt

If you want to uninstall Qt and all of its components form the operating system navigate to installation directory you choose in Step 4 from your Terminal and execute following command:


This window should pop up.

Maintain Qt 5.3.1_011

Choose “Remove all components” , click next and you are done.

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