OS X 10.10 Yosemite on Virtual Machine

Apple just announced next version of OS X and I wanted to give it a try. Beta will be available for first million subscribers or you can get it from third party sites. I couldn’t wait for notification mail from Apple so I got my copy from here. Since this is a beta I didn’t want to mess up my current system so virtual machine was better choice.   I’ve used Oracle Virtual Box for OS X but it works with VMware Fusion or Parallels as well. Basically it’s an upgrade of you current OS X system so you will need running OS X virtual machine. There is a ton of tutorials how to install OS X on virtual machine. I’ve had OS X 10.8 and upgrade went smoothly. Simply extract and copy installer to your virtual machine and run it. It will restart two times and that’s about it.

I’ve used my 2011 iMac as a host with Intel Core i5 processor so experience is not that impressive. It is obvious that system is still in Beta. On the other hand UI looks pretty nice in my opinion but with all that translucency it’s starting to look very much like Windows.

Here are some screenshots of running system.

1. Login Screen

1. login screen     

2. Apple ID

2. appleid


3. Desktop & Screen Saver

3. Desktop background



4. Show all


4. System Info

5. System Info

5. 6. Safari Safari




6. Spotlight 8. Spotlight


7. Lunchpad

9. Lunchpad

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