Team Foundation Server auto login


When using Microsoft Team Foundation Server from windows domain other than your current logon domain user will be prompted for logon details whenever new connection to TFS is needed.

This can be quite irritating, because every time you start Visual Studio same info has to be provided all over again.

I will give in next few lines short tutorial how to utilize Windows Credential Manager to store user name and password in order to enable Team Foundation Server automatic log on.

1.      In control panel go to Credential Manager

2.      Click on Add Windows credential

3.      Fill in details with address of team foundation server (without protocol prefix), full qualified domain user name and password.

4.      Click ok and you are good to go.

On next start Visual Studio should not prompt for user name and password. If there is ever need for any other user to login beside one added to credential manager , just removed previously added user to CM.

Hope this helps.

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